Dog Writer for several Dog Magazines   Writer of articles about pedigree dogs and their history, show reports, translation of English and German articles in Dutch and vice versa   Member of the World Dog Press Association   Dog photography   Judge for Welsh Springer Spaniels (A-list Breed Club in Great Britain) under the rules of the English Kennel Club   Breeder of many Show Champions in The Netherlands and abroad 1977-2002 ('van Snellestein' and 'of Rowan's Residence')

Gouden Erespeld van de Nederlandse


Op 12 april 2014 werd Ria Hörter, namens de Raad van Beheer op   Kynologisch   Gebied   in   Nederland,   door   vice-voorzitter   John Wauben   onderscheiden   met   de   toekenning   van   de   "Gouden Erespeld van de Nederlandse Kynologie". Gold Emblem of Honour On    April    12,    2014,    Ria    Hörter    was    awarded    the    "Dutch Cynology     Gold     Emblem     of     Honour".      The     award     was presented   by   John   Wauben,   Vice-Chairman   of   the   Dutch   Kennel Club.
    Ria Hörter    
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Spaniel pups - Maud Earl
Welsh Springer with duck - Norfini
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Nominated for her series "Masterminds” published in “Dogs in Canada”. Finalist in the "2009 Annual Writing Competition of the Dog Writers Association of America".
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In   1976,   the   Welsh   Springer   Spaniel   Club   Netherlands   was   founded; Ria   Hörter   was   one   of   the   ‘founding   fathers’;   she   serves   the   breed club   since   1976,   first   as   secretary   and   later   as   chairman,   till   2010.   In 1978,   the   club   was   recognized   by   the   Dutch   Kennel   Club.   DE   WELSH SPRINGER   is   the   club’s   magazine,   published   6   times   per   year   on   A4 format. Since 2010 the magazine is in full colour. Since     1976,     Ria     contributed     over     200     articles     in     DE     WELSH SPRINGER.   In   1996   and   2001,   she   contributed   articles   about   the history   of   the   breed;   in   2011,   the   club   published   her   history   of   the Welsh   Springer   Spaniel   1976-2011,   in   a   separate   jubilee   issue   of   the club’s magazine.
Ria Hörter Dog Writer and Contributing Editor of Dog Magazines