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  Nothing New under the Sun

     A series of articles that shows that through the ages, many aspects of the dog world hasn’t changed.

     The articles were published in the Canadian dog magazine ‘Dogs in Canada’, in the American dog

     magazine ‘Canine Chronicle’ and in the Dutch dog magazine ONZE HOND

Dog Writer and Contributing Editor of Dog Magazines


We   all   know   that   it’s   good   for   dogs   to   work.   Gun   dogs,   sled dogs,   detection   dogs,   police   dogs,   avalanche   dogs   and   guide dogs   all   complete   long   and   often   intensive   training   schedules. The same goes for circus dogs, past and present. Illustrated with paintings and old photographs.


In   1640,   François   Verwilt   (ca.   1620-1691)   of   Rotterdam   painted   a man   dancing   with   his   dog.   Today,   dog   dancing   is   on   the   program of    many    dog    exhibitions,    large    or    small.    New    elements    were added,   the   colorful   costumes   became   spectacular,   but   respect and   trust   are   still   the   keywords.   It’s   a   short   step   from   the   17th- century   painting,   via   an   old   photograph,   to   the   videos   of   Mary Ray. And indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. Illustrated with old en new paintings and photographs.


The   expression   “our   loyal   friends”   is   often   used   in   reference   to   dogs. However,   there’s   a   special   category   of   dogs   that   always   deserves   this qualification:   Dogs   for   war   are   brave,   intelligent,   well   trained,   loyal animals    under    all    circumstances.    Frequently,    they    pay    for    their loyalty with their lives. Illustrated with old en new paintings and photographs.
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1. Avalanche Rescue Dogs 2. Circus Dogs 3. Dog Dancing 4. Dogs for War 5. Self Portrait with a Dog


Dogs     have     been     assisting     people     since     early     times,     as companions   during   the   hunt,   flock   herders   and   guardians,   sled dogs,   draft   dogs   and   pack   dogs.   In   dangerous   situations,   dogs can save lives. Illustrated with old and new prints and photographs


   Creating   a   self-portrait   is   a   time-honoured   tradition   among   painters. Including    their    own    dog    in    a    self-portrait    implies    a    special    bond between   artist   and   dog.   I   didn’t   find   any   reference   to   self-portraits with   dogs   from   classical   antiquity.   Only   during   the   Renaissance,   with its   renewed   interest   in   secular   art   and   the   individual   as   a   subject,   did self-portraits   become   popular.   This   article   will   be   limited   to   paintings with dogs that can be identified as a breed or type. Illustrated with old and new paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn, William Hogarth, Frida Kahlo and many others.