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Dog Statues

They are frozen in time and sometimes deceptively real. Perpetuated in stone or bronze, looking over

water, streets, parks or squares, dog statues can be found all over the world.

Published in The Canine Chronicle,

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A   Great   Dane   (1937-1944)   became   an   Official   Sailor   of   the   Royal Navy   in   Simon   Town,   South   Africa.   A   bronze   statue   of   Jean   Doyle reminds us at a remarkable dog.

MICK THE MILLER (1926-1939) 

 “The greatest Greyhound of all time”. A life-sized bronze was placed on the Village Green in Killeigh, Ireland. The story of Micks life, an outstanding racing talent.
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HALALI – Hunting Monument all over the world

Many castings were made of this hunting statue and the monument became known under various names. The French names came first: Le Chausseur et les Chiens (Hunter and Dogs) or Valet au Chiens (The Dogs’ Attendant). In Australia, the name is Huntsman and Dogs; in the U.S., Hunter and Hounds; in Austria, Der Lauscher (The Eaves- dropper); and in The Netherlands, Halali.

RUSWARP, Border Collie 

On the southbound plat- form of Garsdale’s train sta- tion  is  a  life-size  bronze statue of a Border Collie named Ruswarp. The statue is placed so that Ruswarp appears to be looking in the direction of the hills where he had walked so often with his master.