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      Articles not belonging to series       consecutively from A to Z 1. Border Collie 2. Brazilian Breeds 1 3. Brazilian Breeds 2 4. Cão de Castro Labreiro 5. Danish Breeds 6. Dogs in Midieval Art 7. Lancashire Heeler 8. Lurcher 9. Mudi 10. Old English Sheepdogs 11. Old English Terriers 12. Old French Hounds 13. Poitevin 14. Swiss Hounds 15. Anoebis 16. Chart Polski 17. History of Welsh Springer Spaniels 18. Hungarian Sheepdogs 19. Irish Breeds 20. Portuguese Breeds 21. Series “A picture of a dog” 22. Series “Land Ho!” 23. Workers in a White World 24. Working Spaniels
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© Ria Hörter, dog writer and photographer for several dog magazines in: The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, United States etc. If you are interested in publishing one or more of these articles, illustrations and photographs included, please contact me by e-mail: All articles are available in English and/or in Dutch.

   Balkan Hounds

     History and development of the      Balkan Hounds 1. Balkan Hounds - part 1 2. Balkan Hounds - part 2 3. Balkan Hounds - part 3 4. Balkan Hounds - part 4

   Dog Portraits

     Dog Portraits, Published in "Dogs in Canada"      in the series "Dogs Not in Canada" and in      “Canine Chronicle” (U.S.A.).        Dogs Not in Canada 1. Broholmer (The) 2. Cesky Fousek - Czech Republic 3. Cirneco dell’Etna 4. Hollandse Smoushond - Dutch Terrier 5. Istarski Gonic - Istrian Hound, Croatia 6. Jämthund - Swedish Elkhound 7. Kromfohrlander - Germany 8. Markiesje - Netherlands 9. Saarloos Wolfshond - Netherlands 10. Volpino Italiano - Italy
Last Update: June 2017

  Nothing New

     Nothing new under the sun 1. Avalanche Rescue Dogs 2. Circus Dogs 3. Dog Dancing 4. Dogs for War 5. Self Portrait with a Dog
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   Meet the Europeans

              European Dogs 1. Italy part 1